Why you should visit Japan for sushi

The sushi island of Sapporo is famous for its deep-fried sushi, and now it’s getting a new twist with blue sushi.

SushiYama, an online destination for blue sushi, is hosting a new blue sushi restaurant.

Blue sushi is a deep-frying sushi made with a fish called katsuobushi.

The fish is served raw with a thin layer of oil and then served with a soft rice-like texture.

Blue sashimi is a special type of sashiro that is cooked with a rice ball and seasoned with a spicy sauce.

Blue salmon is a traditional Japanese dish that has traditionally been served with grilled seaweed, so the new restaurant will be serving the fish raw.

Sashiro is an old-school Japanese style of cooking that is popular around the world.

The dish is commonly served at sushi restaurants around the globe, but the sushi here will be fresh.

Blue is a specialty of Japan.

Blue sashimas are usually served with tuna, so you’ll get a tuna sushi at the restaurant.

Sapporo is known for its traditional cuisine and Japanese culture.

The island has a rich history of its people and culture.

SushiYamashiko is located in Sapporo and has a large menu, so be sure to book ahead to see the new blue sashimo.

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