Which of the two is the best Japanese sushi?

Two Japanese restaurants have been named Best Japanese Sushi in Ireland, with raku and sushi yama named respectively.

Both restaurants have recently opened in Dublin, with both offering a variety of sushi styles.

“Both raku [steamed] and sushi [steaming] are delicious and are both very high quality,” said a statement from the restaurants.

“The sushi is really good.

It is made from scratch and has no additives and is cooked with a little bit of heat to make it a little more flavourful.”

The raku is a steamed fish that is normally served as a main dish and is often served in the same place as a rice dish.

“It’s a very good sushi, a little too good,” said restaurant owner Chris Breslin.

“I think it’s the best one we have ever tried.”

The sushi yamas are a type of sushi known as yamashimi, meaning ‘carpet’ or ‘snow’ yamata.

It is a very thin sushi made from steamed or cooked vegetables.

“You need a lot of water, some salt, some vinegar, some oil and the yamas can be quite hard to come by,” said Mr Breslins son, Chris B. He added that they are usually served in a bowl.

“They are very tasty and really easy to eat.”

The Raku Restaurant in Dublin was named Best Sushi for its quality, price and service in a report from the Restaurant Review Board.

Sushi yamas, which are traditionally served with a rice and a soy sauce sauce, are normally served with steamed vegetables and fish such as carpaccio and squid.

Both are popular dishes for the Japanese who have a rich history of cooking Japanese food in an attempt to retain the cultural and culinary heritage.

“Sushi is the most common Japanese dish, but there is also raku, yama, kurosagi, katsuo, shirataki and yakisoba,” said Raku chef Shigeo Ito.

“All these Japanese dishes are also very popular in the United States and other parts of the world.”