Which Japanese food has been on sushi’s best-seller list for years?

Japanese food is now the most popular and the number one-selling item in sushi shops worldwide.

The trend has become so popular that restaurants around the world have been turning to Japanese-inspired ingredients for their menus.

The sushi industry is booming, and now we are asking ourselves, “What Japanese foods have been on the best-sellers list for so long?”

To find out, we turned to The Japan Times to crunch the numbers and rank the top 50 most popular sushi items.

Here’s what we found.


Shokugeki Bison Steak with Sushi – Shokugyou, Tokyo, Japan The shokugekyou steak, often referred to as the shokugu, is a classic Japanese steak served with a shoyu sauce, katsu sauce and a dollop of katsu tofu.

Shinkai Shokudo (Sushi Shoku) is the name of the shokuza restaurant chain that makes this steak.

It is one of the most expensive and highest-end shoku sashimi restaurants in the world.


Sushi Bowls – Sushi bowl, Shibuya, Japan This sushi bowl is a bowl of sushi that is wrapped in plastic and filled with katsu-filled seaweed.

The seaweed is added to the sushi to make it taste fishy.

The bowl is topped with a layer of rice.


Sashimi-Maki Sushi (Kobe) – Kobe, Kobe, Japan Maki sushi is the traditional sushi made with seaweed, rice and an assortment of vegetables.

The bowls and the seaweed-filled sashims are often used as a dip to dip into.


Maki Sashimisu (Shikibu) – Shikibu, Tokyo This is a sushi salad made with a variety of salad greens, rice, and vegetables, and is often eaten as a dipping soup.


Sushiko-Tachi Sushi with Sashims (Nippon Nari) – Tokyo, Tokyo Nippon nari, or the “Nipponese Sushi,” is a Japanese sushi restaurant in Tokyo that serves a variety, including Maki, Shokus, Sashima, and Sushi Sushi.


Satsuma Sushi and Maki Bowls (Tokyo) – Osaka, Osaka, Japan Satsumas are Japanese dishes made with fish or seafood, often made from seaweed and made into an appetizer or side dish.


Sake Sushi Salad with Salmon – Tokyo and Osaka, Tokyo The salmon is served with rice and seaweed salad.


Sate Sushi, Maki and Salmon Bowls with Rice – Tokyo (Shanghai) and Osaka (Japan), Tokyo Sate is the most famous sushi restaurant chain in the Japanese city of Osaka.


Shishio-Tatsu Sushibowl – Tokyo-Osaka, Tokyo Shishiosa is the signature sushi bowl and is made from rice and vegetables.


Sip Sushi-Kobe Bowl – Tokyo Tokyo’s Sushi Kobe, a popular sushi restaurant, serves a dish of tuna and salmon with sashimas.


Shoyu Sushi Recipe – Tokyo Shoyuu is a style of sushi made from katsu and seaweeds and is the sushi equivalent of an egg roll.


Shokuza-Style Sushi in a Bowl – Shibuyu, Tokyo It is often used in shokuzas.


Sogaku-Totsu Sashimanaka (Soy sauce in a bowl) – Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan Soy sauce is a popular ingredient in sushi and is sometimes used in some sushi bowls.


Sokuro-Toshimaki Sake Bowl – Kobe Kobe is known for its sushi bowls that are filled with soy sauce.


Sotsu-Bokura Sushi recipe (Kobayashi-style sushi recipe) – Yokohama, Tokyo Yokohamas famous Sotsumas and sushi bowls are made with soy-based ingredients and are commonly used in sushi restaurants.


Sotokou-Tsukuba Sushi Recipes – Tokyo In a bowl, a bowl filled with a mix of rice and fish, and often filled with shrimp, the sotsu is a traditional Japanese dish.


Soya-Sushi Bowl – Osaka (Nagoya) Osaka is the largest city in Japan.

Soy sauce is the main ingredient of many sushi bowls and is commonly used as an appetizers.


Soshiko-Kuban Sushi Soup (Kanagawa) – Kanagawa, Tokyo Soshikas are a dish made from fish and vegetables and is usually served with sashi.


Satsu-Sashimasu Sushi/