What’s the secret to Japanese sushi?

Genki sushi is a specialty sushi restaurant located in Tokyo’s Akihabara district.

It specializes in traditional Japanese dishes like Kobe beef, seaweed salad, and sake.

This is a good source of good-quality sushi and good sushi food.

This article is part of our series on Japanese sushi.

To learn more about Japanese food, read: 5 Japanese dishes that can only be found in Japan Source National Geographic article Genji sushi is one of Japan’s top-rated sushi restaurants, according to an annual survey.

Genki is one that has been around for decades and has earned praise from all the sushi chefs that we interviewed.

The restaurant has a lot of loyal customers, and it has a strong following among its members.

We were able to meet with Genki’s owner, Masato Shimizu, who told us that the quality of Genki sashimi is exceptional.

Shimizu said he is proud of the quality and consistency of his sashimas.

“I have never experienced any issue with quality,” he said.

He also told us Genki has the reputation of being the best sushi restaurant in Tokyo, and that is why he has been able to maintain such high standards for himself and his staff.

The sushi restaurant is owned by Masato and his wife, and they serve food daily.

When we asked him if he would open a restaurant in his hometown, Shimizu didn’t hesitate to say yes.

“It’s an exciting time for me.

I have a lot to live for,” he told us.

We also talked to Genki Sushi’s general manager, Yukio Watanabe, about the restaurant’s quality and reputation.

Watanabes sushi restaurant opened in September 2017 and is the third restaurant in Japan to open in Tokyo.

He said that Genki was a favorite among his employees.

“Sushi is our specialty,” Watanabi said.

“There are many things we love about it.

It’s very fun to eat sushi.”

Watanabo said he hopes to open more restaurants in Japan, especially in Tokyo and Osaka.

“We have been able a lot over the years.

We want to keep this going,” he added.

As for why he opened a restaurant, Watanaba said he wants to bring a Japanese taste to his Japanese customers.

“The reason we opened a sushi restaurant here is because I am passionate about sushi and I want to introduce Japanese food to the world,” Wataniabes general manager said.

Genji Sushi is located at 6-8 Akihabaras Sushi Plaza.