Why you should eat at sushi restaurants, says vegan sushi chef

Tucked away on a busy corner of Tokyo, a small shop sells vegan sushi rolls and a handful of vegan sauces.

It’s also a place where you can find sushi rice, a meal of rice with vegan noodles and an assortment of vegetables.

But there’s a twist.

It is a sushi station.

The owner is Veganspace, an online marketplace that offers online vegan sushi options, including vegan noodle rolls, vegan sushi, sushi rice and vegan sushi rice.

Vegans are now a big part of the Japanese vegan lifestyle.

“We have over 300,000 members,” says the shop owner, Tomohiro Morikawa.

“The shop sells tofu, soy sauce, and tofu, tofu and soy sauce and also some tofu and other types of tofu.”

He says he’s been vegan since 2007.

The shop, which is now run by his wife, has been featured in the Japanese television show “Tokyo Chef,” where he is the chef.

Vegan sushi is popular in Japan.

The most popular types are katsu, which consists of a fried chicken noodle roll and vegetables; tsukemono, which comes with sushi rice; and kokoro, which includes a variety of vegetables and tofu.

“It’s an alternative to the Western sushi restaurants,” says Veganscape’s founder and CEO, Hiroshi Nakagawa.

“You can get vegan sushi from many places.

You can also eat at restaurants that are vegetarian, like Kikkoman in Tokyo or Tuna Restaurant in Osaka.

But you don’t have to eat at these places to enjoy the vegan sushi.”

Tomoharu Morikawa is one of those who is happy to try out vegan sushi.

His wife, Tomoko Morikawa, is also vegan and says it’s great to try a new style of vegan sushi in Japan and be able to experience it for yourself.

“I think it’s a good experience,” says Tomoko.

“There’s so many different kinds of vegan options.”

Tomoko also has been vegan for a long time, so she’s a fan of vegan food.

“One thing I like about Japan is that they have lots of different foods and they also have a lot of different kinds,” says she.

“When I go to other countries, I try to eat vegan and also try vegan restaurants.

I try vegan sushi and they always seem to have good vegan food.”

Vegans, however, aren’t the only ones trying vegan sushi online.

Vegan sushi is also popular in other countries like Australia, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom and many more.

The number of restaurants accepting vegan sushi has increased from more than 30 in 2010 to nearly 100 now.

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