Japan’s sushi pizza is on its way to the US: Japanese brand says

Tokyo (Reuters) – Japanese food giant Kikkoman Corp has signed a deal with U.S. restaurant chain Sushi Pizza to offer a limited number of premium sushi pizzas.

Key points:Sushi Pizza will introduce a premium sushi pizza at its restaurants in Japan, including Tokyo and OsakaKikkoman said its new deal is part of the company’s commitment to the world’s second-largest marketFor more news videos visit Yahoo View, available now on iOS and Android.

The move is part the company to its new Japanese-based Sushi pizza franchise, which will launch in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, the company said.

Kikkomen is offering premium sushi at Sushi’s restaurants, and is also developing new premium sushi-themed pizza-delivery service, it said.

It has already signed a contract with Upholstery Pizza, which operates in New York and Los Angeles, to deliver premium sushi to restaurants in Tokyo and New York.

“This partnership with Sushi is the next step in the company and we are happy to be collaborating with them to bring our premium sushi product to more restaurants and to help them make sushi the world-famous food of Japan,” said Kenji Mizuhara, president and chief executive officer of Kikkomen, in a statement.

Kikkomans parent company, Kikkon Corp, was founded in 1946.

Kikon said the deal would take advantage of the convenience of the global market, and provide customers with a new way to experience premium sushi in Japan.

The new deal was announced in an annual report filed with Japan’s Financial Services Agency.KIKON said the agreement would help it attract more customers, while also helping to increase the value of its brands.

In March, Kikon and Sushi announced a new partnership that will see Sushi expand its global offerings.