How to get a vegan sushi roll, a vegan chicken sandwich, and more!

Japanese-themed restaurant Mizu sushi restaurant, in the Tokyo-based Tokyo-region, is celebrating the occasion of its 20th anniversary with an unprecedented collection of vegetarian sushi and vegan chicken sandwiches.

The concept of the restaurant dates back to the early 2000s and was first opened in 2002 in Osaka, Japan.

It has since expanded to the United States and the United Kingdom and is now located in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood.

The menu offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan sushi and chicken sandwiches, with some unique additions such as the vegetarian sushi roll and chicken sandwich made with the vegan chicken.

For starters, the restaurant offers an all-vegetable chicken sandwich that is grilled with tofu, tomatoes, cucumber, and soy sauce, and topped with a crunchy seaweed dipping sauce.

Other offerings include the vegan sushi bowl and the vegan beef salad, which uses all-natural ingredients and is accompanied by a choice of vegan sauce.

The vegan tuna salad is topped with cucumber and pickled red onion, but the vegan tuna steak sandwich is served with the fish instead.

Other additions include the traditional vegan ramen noodles, and a vegan shrimp burger.

A vegan chicken salad, vegan chicken, vegan beef sandwich, vegan tuna and vegan shrimp ramen, with a vegan rice noodle salad, are available at Mizu on the floor of the Mizu restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, November 1, 2018.

Mizu is known for its Japanese-inspired sushi, which is served in traditional Japanese bowls.

(Kiyoshi Noguchi/AFP via Getty Images)Mizurashi is a vegan restaurant that specializes in the sushi industry, with the company’s head chef and owner Shiho Mizu being the first to officially open the restaurant in Japan.

Mizu, which was founded in 2000, currently operates in Tokyo and Osaka.

The restaurant has since been expanded to several other countries.

Mizu is currently known for serving sushi and its chicken sandwich.

(Shinjuku Shinjitsu via APTN)Mizu’s chicken and vegan steak sandwich, topped with soy sauce and crunchy green onions, are served at the Mizurashi restaurant in the southern part of Tokyo, in Japan, October 26, 2018.(AFP via Reuters)Miso, also known as Mizurachi, is a Japanese-style ramen restaurant, serving a range of dishes including sushi and ramen.

Miso’s menu includes the vegan ramens with beef broth and vegan ramenos with chicken broth.

(Shuhei Matsumoto/Reuters)The vegetarian chicken and veggie ramen at Mizurashiki is a dish made with a blend of meat and tofu, and is served at Mizureishi restaurant in Kyoto, Japan.(Shuichi Matsumotos/Reuters )Mizumachi is known as the “home of vegan ramening.”

Its vegetarian ramen is a delicious combination of soy sauce with soy protein, soy flour, and egg yolk.

Miyumachi serves a wide variety of vegetarian ramens.

(Miyo Akasaki/AFP/Getty Images)There are other vegan restaurants around the world, including one in London, where the Vegan Burger restaurant was created.

Vegans also enjoy the vegan noodle soup at Fukuya, and at the Tokyo branch of Tofu Shop, a Japanese food store.

The company is also famous for its vegan burgers and vegan cheeses.

The vegan chicken roll, served with a choice between chicken or tofu, is the most popular vegan chicken meal at Mizuru.

(Aya Suzuki/Reuters )Miyurashi, Mizumachi and Fukuaya are all vegan ramenerds, but Tofubeshop in Kyoto serves a range more vegetarian ramenerdies, including the vegan tofu ramen with beef, soybean, and rice protein, as well as the vegan pork ramen bowl.