Which sushi restaurants are your favorite in Tokyo?

A sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

(Photo: David Goldman/AP) — If you want a slice of Tokyo, you can’t go wrong with the classic sushi spot.

And that includes the classic, classic sushi restaurants.

There are some, however, that you may not recognize.

The Washington Post has compiled a list of restaurants that are special, iconic, and some that are not, and it’s a fascinating, sometimes depressing, guide to the city’s sushi culture.

This guide also provides you with a few more tips on how to navigate Tokyo’s restaurants.

Here are some of the most popular sushi spots in Tokyo, according to The Washington Sun: * Sushi Bunko – This Japanese restaurant serves the traditional sushi that is served in restaurants across Japan.

It’s got a bit of everything from sushi rolls, sushi rolls with fish fillets, grilled fish, grilled chicken, sushi, nigiri, and even a little bit of sushi.

It even has a “fancy room” that looks like a sushi bar.

Sushi Burger – This is a Japanese burger joint that serves the classic burgers with a spicy and crunchy sauce.

It also serves up a variety of other Japanese cuisine, including sushi, sashimi, and other Japanese foods.

Sashimi Bar – The sushi bar at this sushi bar is one of the few Japanese restaurants that offers sashimis and is often called a “gourmet sushi bar.”

The sushi chef prepares fresh fish and vegetables and serves it in a hot, smoke-filled sushi bar that’s a bit on the pricey side.

It usually gets busy during lunchtime.

Sous Chef – This sushi bar has some of Tokyo’s most famous sous chefs.

It was opened in 1993, and since then, it’s become the go-to spot for sushi.

The staff are trained in Japanese cuisine and the sushi menu is always filled with fresh ingredients.

They serve up sashims and other sushi items.

Saitama Restaurant – This popular Japanese restaurant is known for its fish rolls and sashima, the traditional Japanese roll.

It is open during the day and closed at night.

It has a sushi room that is decorated with colorful, colorful mats.

It serves up sakurigaya and other kinds of sushi items and is known as a favorite spot for people who want to try some sushi.

This is the spot to go for sushi if you’re in Tokyo and need something light and fresh.