Which of the Japanese is the most popular sushi chef in India?


Sushi cafe owner (Sushi Cafe owner)A.

Masaharu Saito, 44, who has been operating the restaurant for 10 years, has been dubbed “sushi chef of the century” in Japan for his ability to combine sushi and fresh fish in his sushi.

The restaurant’s sushi chefs have also earned him the nickname “Saito the fish eater” in India.

Mr Masaharo said his restaurant has been among the most frequented in the city for the past three years, which has seen a boom in the popularity of the popular Japanese dish.

“In the last three years we have seen a huge increase in the number of people coming to visit us,” he said.

Mr Saito said he was proud to be the “souvenir” of his country and said the Japanese were one of the top 10 sushi restaurants in the world.

“I hope to one day bring Japanese cuisine to India,” he told the Times of Indian.

He said the sushi chefs were also a big hit in the country, with people spending more than a month in the restaurant.

“People come to the restaurant to have sushi for a few hours.

They come for the atmosphere and for the taste of Japanese food.”

They also want to enjoy the fresh fish and the fish sauces and sauces on the table.

They eat the whole plate.

It is very relaxing.

“Mr Saitos family has operated the restaurant in the old city of Calcutta for two decades.

He has a daughter and a son who are also owners.