When You Think of Uni, You Think Of Uni Sushi

Uni sushi is a Japanese restaurant chain.

It opened in Los Angeles in 2016 and has since opened its first sushi restaurant in Singapore.

The company’s founder, Masataka Nakamura, says it was originally designed for “traditional Japanese” diners.

He’s quick to point out that the concept is no longer for those who grew up eating at the original Uni sushi restaurants in Japan.

It’s for those new to sushi restaurants who grew to love sushi, the cuisine, and the people behind it.

You might have seen the logo for the brand on the front of the menu at Uni, which is now available at more than 10,000 restaurants around the world.

You can get Uni sushi at many restaurants and cafes around the country, but it’s most popular at Tsukiji, the iconic Japanese restaurant on the Japanese coast, where customers can get the dish at a small price.

Here’s what you need to know about Uni sushi and the culture that makes it so popular.

What is Uni sushi?

Uni sushi is made from raw fish, often of the same species.

This means the fish is a bit fatty, but not quite so.

And it usually comes in a variety of sizes.

Like other sushi chains, Uni offers a variety to choose from, including fish from the ocean and from lakes and rivers.

There are also varieties of fish that come in various sizes, like tuna and tuna salad.

The best sushi is served with rice, which can be prepared in advance.

If you’re in Japan, you can also get Uni fish for about $6 a bowl.

What are the differences between Uni and other sushi restaurants?

Unlike traditional sushi restaurants, Uni doesn’t have the same type of menus.

Instead, it has a menu of dishes that are designed to complement each other.

The main menu features dishes like crab, octopus, salmon, squid, and squid salad.

Then, you get to choose a dish that combines all three.

The final menu item, called the sushi garden, is a different type of menu item with different sushi options.

It comes with a selection of specialty dishes that usually include crab, squid and octopus.

What kinds of sushi do you offer?

The menu at a Uni sushi restaurant is divided into three sections.

The first section features the standard sushi menu, like crab and octopi.

You get to select a dish from the list of available ingredients.

Then you get a choice of a sushi roll, which comes in three different sizes.

The second section offers a more adventurous menu with fish from other regions and the ocean.

The third section features fish that are very fresh and special.

It also offers different types of sushi.

For example, Uni has a special type of sushi that comes in two varieties: fresh and fried.

Fresh sushi is the most popular and is served on the side of the restaurant.

You pay $7 for the roll, and it can be served in a bowl or a bowl with rice.

Fried sushi is very fresh sushi and is only served on a roll with rice or a salad.

Fresh and fried sushi are served with fish that have been fried in butter and are usually served on white rice.

What kind of dishes are Uni served with?

There are various kinds of dishes you can choose from.

The most popular is the crab roll.

This is the basic fish roll that comes with the crab, a squid, octop, and a salmon.

You also get a variety with the other fish, like the octopus salad, which consists of the squid, a octopus and a crab.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because Uni served the same crab roll on sushi rolls in Singapore and Tokyo for years.

Uni also offers a sushi garden.

This area is reserved for sushi rolls with more special ingredients, like lobster, octapus, and octo.

It can be customized to your taste.

It starts at about $15 and it comes with an assortment of special dishes.

How long does Uni take to prepare sushi?

The typical time for a Uni restaurant is between 12 and 18 hours, depending on the location and the restaurant’s staff.

Uni does not make the wait for the restaurant a chore, but you can expect to wait about 15 minutes to an hour.

What if you’re looking for something different?

Uni also makes the sushi rolls that are used for its sushi garden different each time they’re made.

Some rolls are made from fish that comes from the sea and others come from lakes, rivers, and lakes.

So if you need a different fish, you’ll want to find it elsewhere.

For instance, you might want to try a crab roll that is made by putting crab in a broth and cooking it for 15 minutes in a pot.

Another option is to try to find the crab that has the most squid and the biggest octopus on the board.

But what about the most traditional sushi dishes?

There’s nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty with the classics.

You’ll have to wait longer for