When you order sushi at a restaurant in Japan, do you want a bowl of rice or a bowl full of rice?

When ordering a sushi at the sushi cafe in Tokyo, you might be told to select the bowl you want.

If you don’t, the sushi will be served in a plastic container with a straw, which looks like a rice bowl.

It’s one of the main ingredients that makes sushi so popular in Japan.

But how do you choose between a bowl and a bowl filled with rice?

In order to find out, we asked two sushi chefs who are renowned for their sushi to test their understanding of the question.

Read more The first, Otsuka Yoshimasa, is known for his traditional Japanese sushi, where the sushi is prepared from scratch and served with a variety of toppings.

When asked about the question, he said: “It’s a question that people often ask me: What do you do with a bowl when you want to order sushi?

If you choose a bowl, the bowl comes with a rice piece.

But if you choose rice, then you have to choose the kind of rice you want and it has to be fresh.

It takes about two to three days for the rice to arrive in a bowl.

But the bowl is not as fresh as a bowl in which you can see the rice pieces and it looks really good.

So you choose the bowl that is good for you and you’re prepared for the sushi.”

Yoshimasu added that the rice bowl at the restaurant in Tokyo is not necessarily more delicious than the rice that’s served at the shop.

When he says it, he sounds almost embarrassed, but when you try it, you’ll see why.

“If you want something delicious, you have a choice,” he said.

The second sushi chef, Yoshiyuki Ikeda, is best known for making traditional sushi at his studio in Kyoto.

When you ask him about it, his response is simple.

“You choose your bowl,” he says.

“We make a bowl to eat with rice.

You choose the rice you like, you choose your rice bowl and you can add other things.”

In Japan, sushi is considered a national dish and is served with two sides: rice and salad.

When sushi chefs eat at the studio, they usually have to bring along a bowl with rice and a salad.

So how do they decide what kind of salad to prepare?

It’s very important that you get a bowl that’s fresh, and if you don`t have a bowl there, then it’s probably a waste.

You can buy a bowl for about one dollar, and then you can buy rice for about two dollars.

But I think it`s better to make a salad than to make rice in a rice-bowl kind of way, Yoshimas said.

“I think that rice is better for people who don`ts eat fish.

They can eat fish or rice with rice.”

When we asked if there are any specific foods that should be served with rice, Ikedas said that he would like to make sushi with seaweed, but he is not sure if it is possible.

“It`s not a problem, but I would like seaweed to be cooked,” he added.

“That way, it can`t go bad.”

Ikedatas added that, because he has been making traditional Japanese Japanese sushi for more than two decades, he has mastered the Japanese way of eating and is able to make good sushi.

When I asked him about his advice for anyone who wants to start a sushi restaurant in the future, he added: “I would say: Don`t make a mistake and try to make your own sushi.

I don`ve ever made sushi before.”

We found that, in the end, Yoshisaku was right.

The sushi we ordered at a sushi cafe at Tokyo’s Midori restaurant in January was served in rice, but we had to choose between the bowl and the bowl filled in with seawood.

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