When ‘yamatoshis’ first arrived in Japan

Japanese chefs and food bloggers have been celebrating sushi for generations, but the earliest mention of the dish dates to at least the 1920s.

Japanese food historians say there’s no conclusive evidence that sushi was ever introduced to Japan until the 1950s, but there is evidence that it spread from there.

In the 1920’s, the Japanese government launched a nationwide effort to revive the traditional sushi cuisine and, for the first time in its history, began allowing sushi to be served at restaurants.

But, while the dish became more popular, it was also more expensive, and its popularity faded after a decade.

But now, in the 21st century, sushi is again making a comeback in Japan, and it’s becoming increasingly popular among Japanese people.

Here are some of the highlights from the new season of the show, which premieres Sunday: When they arrived in Tokyo in the 1920, the first sushi restaurant opened in Tokyo.

This is where the first yamato yakisoba sushi came from.

It’s now the most popular Japanese food in Japan.

It was originally served at the Nihonbiya restaurant in central Tokyo.

By the 1930s, yakisobas were a staple of sushi, and the dish had become popular in Japan thanks to a new wave of chefs from the United States and elsewhere.

The Japanese government even set up an official sushi commission to help bring the new sushi back to Japan.

But by the 1940s, the dish’s popularity was waning.

In 1964, a wave of cheap Japanese imports led to a boom in imports of foreign rice.

That led to the demise of yakisobo and the emergence of sushi as a mainstream Japanese cuisine.

But the new wave had an even bigger impact on Japanese society.

In 1980, the nation was in a deep recession and was on the brink of economic collapse.

In Japan, the government began a nationwide program to revitalize the traditional Japanese sushi cuisine.

As a result, sushi became more expensive and its influence waned.

In 1991, President Chitoge Taro and Prime Minister Toyoda announced that the country was going to open a sushi restaurant.

This restaurant, which is still called yamatoshi, opened its doors in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Osaka.

In 2003, the Tokyo branch of the Sushi King restaurant opened its first location in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

That same year, the Fukuokusai restaurant opened, and in 2007, the Takayama branch of Sushi Tatsu opened its third location in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood.

Since that time, the yamatsubushi has been opening all over Japan.

In 2016, the Yamanote sushi restaurant in Nagoya opened its sixth location.

In 2017, the Totsuka branch of sushi chain Sushi Takashiro opened its seventh location in Yokohama.

In 2018, the Kiyomizu branch of Japanese restaurants Kiyosu and Kiyobushi opened their first locations in Tokyo and Osaka, respectively.

The yamatarasubushi is a traditional sushi style that is still popular in Japanese cuisine and is served at many restaurants in Japan’s Tokyo and Nihongo prefectures.

The restaurant has been serving sushi since the 1970s, and there are more than 100 locations across Japan.