Vegan sushi: 10 best places to try vegan sushi in Japan

A vegan sushi restaurant in Soho, Tokyo, has become a favorite spot for Japanese and foreign travelers alike.

Now, the place is opening a second location in the city of Nagoya.

The Japanese restaurant is known as the “Nagoya Sushi” because it has a Japanese theme.

It opened its first restaurant in 2016, and is now seeking more diners, according to local media reports.

According to the local newspaper Asahi Shimbun, the new restaurant, located in the historic Soho district, is located near the intersection of Soto-Osaka and Oedo streets.

It is currently in the process of opening a new restaurant on the same location, which is currently being developed by the Japanese company Soya.

Soho is famous for its sushi, a staple of the Japanese cuisine, and the first sushi restaurant to feature a vegan option.

The place opened in 2016 and now has an extensive menu.

The main menu includes three vegan dishes, the most popular being a vegan burger, which costs 25,000 yen ($22.99).

The restaurant is also home to a sushi bar, a sushi restaurant and a vegetarian restaurant.