Nori sushi rolls to be rolled at California Roll sushi restaurant

Nori rolls, like sushi rolls, are a Japanese staple of Japanese cuisine.

The roll is served on a skewer and then grilled on the inside to turn it into a sushi roll.

But it is also made from tofu and can be made in a variety of ways.

In the past, they have been made with chicken or beef.

Cali Roll sushi is set to roll out of the original Nori location in San Diego and open in Los Angeles later this year.

They will also offer their own signature version.

“It’s our most authentic roll ever,” said Cali roll chef Toshiyuki Nagata, who is based in Tokyo.

He is the same man who runs the sushi-making plant in Osaka.

“It is very different from the traditional Japanese roll, which is made from meat, fish, and vegetables.

It’s not like that.”

A CaliRoll sushi roll with an egg roll, katsu roll, nori sushi roll, and a veggie sushi roll is displayed at the restaurant.

Calis roll will be offered at the Cali Grill in the new restaurant in San Jose.

It will be available in the West Coast, as well as in Japan.

“Nori rolls are the ultimate comfort food,” said Nagata.

“They are made from all-natural ingredients like seaweed, avocado, and ginger.”

The Nori franchise will expand into California in 2019, with more locations in the United States and other countries, and more locations worldwide.