Japanese sushi made with seaweed

The sushi is made with some seaweed, and it tastes good.

The ingredients are fresh and the seaweed is mostly a nutritional bonus.

The Japanese word for seaweed—sashimi—is also spelled in Japanese.

The dish is made using fresh seaweed from the Bayridge, a popular sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

The Bayridge is the only sushi restaurant to use sustainable materials, including 100 percent sustainable seaweed.

The company said it’s using a combination of seaweed and seaweed oil, which is derived from seaweed-rich fish stocks.

“It has been a pleasure to serve the customers of Bayridge and to work with them to deliver sustainable seafood in a way that is fun and healthy,” CEO Masaki Tsurumi said in a statement.

Tsuruma’s company is one of the most popular sushi restaurants in Japan, where it serves sushi with a light crust and a simple sushi base.