Japanese restaurant has a new concept: sushi around me

Japanese restaurant Mama sushi has a fresh take on sushi rolls that are made in the style of a restaurant called Momo Sushi, which opened in Boston in 2013.

This new concept is called “Sushi Around Me.”

The concept is a bit more elaborate than the traditional sushi roll, which is served in a box with a roll in each of the six sides.

The new concept has a larger, “mama” logo on the side of each of Mama sushi’s roll and is topped with a different fish or vegetable and wrapped in a paper-wrapped paper towel.

Each side of the sushi rolls is wrapped in paper-towel, which makes them feel more like a “box,” rather than a regular roll. 

The first sushi roll sold for $10 in New York City in December, and Mama sushi is taking preorders for the roll starting today.

The company plans to have Mama sushi available in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Virginia in March 2019.

“Our mission is to change the way people think about sushi,” Mama sushi co-owner and co-founder Toshiro Yamada told the Boston Globe.

“Sashimi around us is an important part of sushi culture.

People are very open to new ideas, and we’re looking to bring new concepts into sushi culture.” 

For the sushi roll that’s featured in the new concept, the company will make a traditional Japanese roll, with a fresh fish or veggie, but Mama sushi will use a different recipe and add other ingredients, like black pepper, garlic, soy sauce, and chili powder. 

A Mama sushi roll costs $18.50 and will be available at the Mama sushi restaurant and in Mama sushi outlets around the country.

For more information on Mama sushi, check out their website.