Hawaii’s Bluefish Roll: The sushi that will take you back to a time when there were no sushi bars and you could buy anything and everything at any sushi shop

There’s a new sushi restaurant opening in Honolulu, and it’s going to take you to a different place, one where the people of Hawaii don’t just eat sushi but live it.

Bluefish Roll, the name of the new sushi bar that will open next month, will serve up a sushi bar with the exact same flavors and flavors of its namesake restaurant, but it’ll also serve up an ocean sushi roll made with locally caught bluefish.

The sushi restaurant, located at the corner of West Main Street and Broadway, will be a joint venture between Bluefish Restaurant Group and Ocean Restaurant Group, a partnership between two local companies, Bluefish and Ocean.

The new sushi place will be located in the new, renovated restaurant space that has been converted into a restaurant space, and the company will open a few months before the new restaurant is set to open.

There’s a reason Bluefish has already been named the best sushi bar in the country: Its ingredients are so fresh and delicious, and its staff are all really fun and engaging.

They’re all really nice people, and I’ve had a lot of fun working with them.

So we’re excited to bring our world-class sushi to the people and the city of Honolulu, to open a new chapter for Bluefish,” said Ocean Restaurants founder and CEO Scott M. Schoenbaum, who is also the CEO of Ocean Restaurations Hawaii.

Bluefish’s signature bluefish roll is one of the best in the industry, Schoenbauer said. “

They’re really cool, and we’re really excited to have them in the restaurant space,” said Schoenauer, who also runs Ocean Restaurances restaurants in Los Angeles and Los Angeles.

Bluefish’s signature bluefish roll is one of the best in the industry, Schoenbauer said.

“We want to offer them some of the same ingredients, and hopefully they’ll add some more flavor.”

The new Bluefish will also serve sushi dishes with fish that are fresh, sustainable, and local.

“We are really excited that we have the opportunity to bring Bluefish back to the island, and to provide people with the best of sushi in the Hawaiian Islands,” Schoenberger said.

He said the restaurant will serve a limited number of sushi rolls, and they’re planning to launch at the end of January.

The Bluefish roll will be served with an assortment of ingredients, including smoked salmon, shiso and squid, smoked fish, seaweed and rice, as well as a fresh selection of sauces and toppings.

Blue Fish will be open until Jan. 28, and customers can expect to find the menu in a small tasting room next door.

The company plans to open the new Blue Fish sushi restaurant in a former parking lot in the future, Schönberger said, but the restaurant hasn’t yet decided what it will be called.

“Bluefish is really exciting for our city, for the community, and for the future of Hawaii, and this is the way we want to continue to do business here,” he said.