A new way to eat sushi with sushi genki

The Japanese have been eating sushi since at least the 17th century, but the tradition has been evolving in recent years.

Now, a new way of eating sushi has taken hold.

Article Continued BelowThe recipe is simple: mix rice with soy sauce, soy sauce paste and water.

You’ll get a thick paste that’s soft enough to cut through to the bottom of the sushi roll, and it’s a quick, delicious addition to any meal.

The result is a simple yet satisfying dish that can be served on a plate and left to sit in the fridge for a while.

Read more:Sushi Genki is a food truck in Montreal, serving Japanese food at a low price.

The truck, which opened this month, is a joint effort between two restaurants in Toronto and Toronto’s Chinatown.

Its a joint venture between two Asian-owned restaurants and a food-focused brand.

The name means “sushi ball” in Japanese.

This particular sushi ball is made with a rice base and rice noodles and the toppings of your choice.

The sushi ball, which is made of rice, is then topped with a sushi sauce.

This sauce is made up of a combination of soy sauce and rice.

This is how the food is made.

The food trucks are a way for local food and cultural activities to attract more customers.

They also provide a platform for people to meet and exchange experiences.

Food truck owner Sohyun Wong says he hopes the food truck will provide a fun, casual, social place for people who are curious about Japanese food.

He said they are hoping to grow their business from a small operation to a fully-fledged operation, which will make them more sustainable and allow them to invest in better products.

“I’m hoping this will open a new chapter for sushi and food in Canada,” Wong said.

The restaurant, which also serves a sushi bar, offers a selection of sushi and other Japanese fare, but Wong said the focus will be on the sushi.