Why Tokyo is Japan’s ‘ultimate sushi box’

Nagoya sushi box has been in the family for generations, with its famous sushi rolls coming from the city’s famed Shiba breed of dog.

Now, it’s about to become an all-you-can-eat sushi bar, with an eye on a third generation of the dog-loving clan.

The first sushi bar opened in Tokyo in 2011, and now it’s coming to the US.

The sushi box is a joint venture between the Tokyo-based sushi chain Takashi and American chef and owner Kenji Takahashi, whose wife, the famed Miyuki Takahashis, has been producing Japanese cuisine for 30 years.

It has opened the Japanese version of its own flagship restaurant in Washington, D.C., where it is currently being prepared for its grand opening on December 31.

The restaurant will offer traditional sushi as well as a variety of local fare.

Takahas will serve sushi in a central restaurant space, a la the Takashis’ original Tokyo restaurant.

A new restaurant called The Bamboo Sushi Bar is also opening soon in New York City.

The concept of a Japanese sushi bar is nothing new.

There have been sushi bars in Japan since the country was founded as the Tokugawa Shogunate, in the late 19th century.

But this is the first time that the family-run sushi bar will be able to compete in this country.

“The sushi box concept has been around for decades and is still very popular in Japan,” said Takahase.

“When we started, the first restaurant opened in Nagoya.

We had to find the right location to serve sushi, so the idea was to build a Japanese restaurant in Nagano.”

The sushi bar also plans to offer an outdoor dining area that is part of a large, open-air garden, a traditional Japanese kitchen, and a Japanese tea room.

Takashisa and Miyuki will be opening their first restaurant together at the end of 2017.

The pair also plan to open the second sushi bar in New Zealand, a Japanese version, sometime next year.

“Our Japanese restaurant will be a Japanese-style restaurant and we will use Japanese ingredients.

I want to give the customers the best experience possible,” Takashiba said.

The family-owned Takashishis opened the first sushi restaurant in Japan in Tokyo, in 1931.

The original sushi box was also named the Tōsaka-Sushi Restaurant, which means “great-grandfather’s box.”

The family’s first restaurant was also in Nagayoshi, a small town on the northern coast of Japan.

The couple was able to find a spot in a small shopping center, where the original sushi shop was.

“We had no idea how many people were there.

We were so excited, and we thought it would be fun,” Miyuki said.

“It was the beginning of my career.”

The original Tōshō restaurant opened its doors in 1934, just five years after it opened.

The Tōsa restaurant is also a staple of Japanese food.

Its name derives from the Japanese word for “family” – 歌 (tō) – and it is said to have served as a gateway to the world of sushi.

The Takashashis were the first to serve local food, and their menu includes dishes that are not only popular in the US, but are also popular in Tokyo and other Japanese cities.

In addition to the Japanese restaurant, Takashisha will offer sushi at a new location in Washington state, and it will also open a branch in Hong Kong.

“In Nagoya, we are now preparing for the opening of our first Japanese restaurant,” Takashi said.