Which Japanese restaurants are worth eating at on a budget?

Tokyo-based restaurant sushi pizza may be a hit in the US, but it is also a rare sight in Japan.

It’s the Japanese version of pizza, and while you can buy a slice at most Japanese restaurants, it is very expensive in the country.

Here are five of the best sushi pizza restaurants in Japan, from the best of the old school to the latest.


Sushi pizza, Sushi San, Tokyo-Fukuoka 1.

Sushido Sushi Pizza, Fukuoka, Japan 2.

Sanrio Sushi, Tokyo, Japan 3.

Satsuma Sushi Bar, Tokyo 3.

Shigekoya Sushi Restaurant, Saitama, Japan 4.

The Sushi Mart, Osaka, Japan 5.

Sanmaru Sushi (Mashiki), Osaka, USA A popular Japanese style of sushi pizza is a little like a pizza made with a dough that is pressed and then baked.

The pizza has a thin crust and is topped with various toppings, and is typically served with fish and seaweed or some other fish dish.

Some sushi restaurants offer other types of pizza like a roll, with some toppings and sometimes a sauce.

San Francisco-based sushi restaurant Sushi Sushi is one of the top five sushi pizza chains in Japan and serves more than 40 different types of sushi.

It has a wide selection of dishes and is a great place to eat in the summer.

The restaurant was opened in 2009 and has branches in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.

The staff are friendly and the food is tasty.

You can order the pizza for two people and get a small slice of the pizza, which is served with some choice of toppings.

The prices are reasonable.

There are also some small dishes on the menu like the tuna roll, a bowl of ramen and a small salad for a few hundred yen.

San Ramen (Yumemi) – $2.75, with salad for two or three, with rice, soy sauce, rice vinegar, salad dressing, and salad toppings (shrimp, tuna, chicken) (map) San Rameneru (Yakubuku) – Free with salad or a small portion (map), with rice and soy sauce (map).

(Yupo) – 3-piece pizza, served with rice sauce, soy-based toppings for two (map and photo) 4.

Shiraishi Sushi and Sushi Sakuradai (Toshioji) – 4-piece, topped with fish sauce and shrimp, served on an egg roll.

(map, photo) 5.

Makiya Sushi – 3 piece, topped, topped and topped. (photo)