When it comes to sushi, the US is home to some of the best in the world

The sushi industry in Japan is so popular that its been dubbed the “World’s Most Popular Sushi”.

So much so that when a restaurant in Tokyo asked for permission to open up for the summer season, the government granted them.

But the food is not as good as some of its American neighbours.

The restaurant chain Tokyo Sushi & Co has been working hard to bring the Japanese classics to America.

Its sushi bar at the LA International Airport in Los Angeles is a real hit.

“It’s a great experience.

There’s so many different styles.

The sushi is delicious.

I’m glad to be able to eat sushi,” said chef Tomoko Nakamura.

“I’ve been doing sushi in Japan for 25 years and the quality of it is just so good.”

So how did this restaurant get permission?

It took a bit of research.

“We were looking at what kinds of places to open.

What type of restaurants are really popular, and how do we get the food to go to those places,” Nakamura said.

The answer was the internet.

“The sushi bar was on Airbnb,” she said.

“Our agents were really excited about the idea of opening up a restaurant and opening it for people to come eat here.”

The bar itself is set up so you can order from different menu options and choose your favourite dish.

“There’s so much great sushi around,” she added.

So the bar opened, and the restaurant soon gained a following.

“Within a few days, it was the most popular sushi bar in the city.

And then within a few months, we had over 100,000 diners coming here every day,” Nakamoto said.