Japan’s best sushi restaurant offers some surprising results

It’s easy to overlook this, but Japanese cuisine is incredibly varied and tastes surprisingly good.

While we don’t tend to eat much of it in restaurants, we’ve all had sushi and it’s pretty amazing to see how good it can be served at home.

Here are 10 restaurants around the world that do what we do best, and do it at a reasonable price.1.

The Kita, Japan2.

Bamboo & Pomegranate, Indonesia3.

Tatsunoko, Japan4.

Noma, Japan5.

Yukiya, Japan6.

Lighthouse, Japan7.

Tsubame, Japan8.

Bao Dao, Japan9.

Kaya, Japan10.

L’Amit, JapanWhile most of the places we visited had a very good reputation, we didn’t enjoy many of the dishes.

Some were alright, but others were just bland.

However, we were very pleased with the variety in the sushi at these places, especially the bakasai.

We’re glad we got to try these for the first time, as they were really tasty.

The most surprising thing we noticed was how good the sushi was at this location, which was located in the city of Fukuoka, and served by the same sushi chef who also runs the popular sushi bar in Tokyo.

The staff was friendly and helpful, and the sushi seemed to be perfectly cooked and balanced.

We enjoyed the tuna, and it was super tasty.

The only problem we had was that the sushi wasn’t super fresh, so you might not get a perfect bite, but it’s worth trying if you’re craving sushi and don’t mind eating at home in Japan.

You can try some of these places for yourself at their website here and here, and we recommend visiting in person.

It’s worth checking out all of the different sushi shops in Japan, and then you can check out more great sushi at other Japanese restaurants like Takashima, and Nakano.