How to make sushi at home

Tokyo residents are celebrating their favorite summertime snack — sushi — this weekend.

The Japanese are celebrating the start of spring, and a lot of Japanese eat their summer food at home, with the exception of sushi.

But there are a few things you have to know about Japanese summertime food.


Japanese summer food is made of rice, beans and noodles 2.

You can get more seafood than you think, especially in summer.

But don’t be fooled by the flashy names.

This is the simple, authentic, traditional Japanese summer snack.

It’s served with a side of rice and a slice of fish.


There’s a lot more to Japanese summer than just sushi.

Some of the traditional Japanese dishes have their own specialties.

Some go beyond the traditional ingredients, like grilled chicken, squid, octopus and other types of meat.


The taste of Japanese summerfood can vary by region.

It can be spicy, sour or sweet.


The best sushi is made in the summertime.

It is served with rice and noodles, but there are more varieties of sushi available.


A lot of traditional Japanese foods are made in a large family.

If you can, make this sushi for your family.


If the temperature outside is too hot, try using a cooler.

But it’s better to stay in your room to keep it warm.


If there is no ice cream, there’s still some good summertime sushi in the fridge.

If it’s cold outside, try adding ice cubes to your rice.


There are a lot fewer vegetables in Japan.

But you still can find some delicious summer vegetables.


You might want to have some summer vegetables on hand.

If they are still fresh, it’s okay to eat them at home.

It won’t take long to get your favorite vegetable.


The only ingredients you need to make the traditional summer sushi are rice, noodles and a variety of fish, like squid, shrimp and octopus.


The summer season is long.

You have to plan for a long summer.

Stay hydrated and don’t skip meals.

This summer is a good time to buy fresh vegetables and seafood.