5 Things We Learned at Japan’s Summer Beach Festival – June 2018

By MATT THOMASThe Summer Beach festival is one of the biggest outdoor events in Japan.

There are over 20,000 participants from all over the world who are coming together to enjoy the water, the sand and the sun.

It’s not just Japanese, either, as the country is home to over 1.2 million people.

But there are some things you might not know about the festival.

Here’s everything you need to know about Japan’s summer beach festival.1.

It Starts at 8AM The Summer Beach is a popular outdoor event in Japan that’s held every summer for the past 15 years.

It’s held in Okinawa, where Japan’s national park and the island’s second largest city are located.2.

It Includes More Than 100 ActivitiesAt the beginning of the festival, there are different events going on around the island.

Some are fishing, some are sunbathing, some is a beach volleyball tournament, some games, and a variety of other activities.3.

It Begins at 7AM The first day of the event starts at 7am.

Participants have a chance to play games, fish, and relax before heading out to the beaches.4.

It Ends at 9AM Participants will head back to the main beach at 9am and have a short rest.5.

There’s More Than 1,300 ActivitiesOn the first day, there will be fishing, volleyball tournaments, and games.

Participants will have the chance to catch some fish.6.

There Are More Than 150 Beach Volleyball PlayersOn the second day, you can also take a look at volleyball players.

There will be a chance for you to see how they play.7.

There Will Be More Than 10 ActivitiesYou will have a more than 10 different activities to choose from.

There is a chance you can catch a fish on the beach, which is the best part of the summer beach.8.

There Is No Food During the Summer BeachFestThere are no food vendors during the festival and no vendors will be allowed during the daytime.9.

There Has to Be a Swimsuit ModelAt the end of the day, people will be wearing swimsuits.

There isn’t any way to get a swimsuit model in the festival though.10.

There Might Be a Dance Party At the EndOf the festival there is a dance party and a dance competition.

There may be some dancing and a lot of dancing, too.11.

It Takes More Than 45 Minutes to Attend the Summer FestivalOn the last day, the festival begins at 7:30pm.

Thereafter, there is only one way to attend the festival at that time.

The first thing to know is that there are only one day of festivals, which lasts for 45 minutes.

There should be a line of people waiting to enter the festival area.

It might be a bit long, but they should be able to get in.

The second thing is that the festival is open to the public.

They are open to all ages.

There might be some groups that can’t be in the line, but there will not be any problems.

There won’t be any crowds.

There wont be any food vendors.

If you are going to get food, it is open.

If there is no food, you are welcome to bring your own food.

If it is a small event, like the dance party, it might be possible to bring food.

There shouldn’t be a problem.

If the line is long, they will close it and you can walk to the beach.12.

You Are Not Required to Wear A Swimsuit During the FestivalThere is no swimsuit competition or dancing competition.

If anyone is not in the water or has to wear a swim suit, they are free to do so.13.

There Could Be More than 1,000 People at the FestivalAt the first event, there could be more than 1.5 million people in the park.

There could also be a swimming competition.

You might also be able see more than 100 beach volleyball players in one day.14.

There Would Be A Line of People If You Want To Take A Swim With SomeoneIf you have a swim with someone, it should be easy for you.

There doesn’t have to be a swimmer at the beginning.

The first swimmer should come out.

They should say hello to the others.

If they don’t know each other, they can go and talk to each other.

You don’t have any other people waiting in line to get into the festival if you are the first person to come out to take a swim.15.

It Might Be Cool To Get A Swim Suit During the First DayThere will be no swimsuits or swim competition.

Just the people that want to wear one.16.

There Isn’t A Swimsuits Competitor There will not even be a competitor in the first days.

The people who get to wear the swimsuits are invited to do it.

The next time, there should be one person wearing a swimsuite.