Which Japanese restaurant should you try first?

Genki sushi restaurant in Tokyo has a unique menu that’s perfect for the sushi lover in your life.

Its name comes from the word “goku” meaning “sandwich”.

But the chef and owner of this new sushi restaurant is more than just a sushi chef.

He also specializes in making fresh, fresh-made sushi with ingredients from the local waters.

You can also enjoy a salad, a steamed fish or even a rice dish.

Genki is located in Chiba Ward and its main location is at 2-3 Chiba-ku in the central part of Tokyo.

The food is delicious and the ambiance is relaxing.

Its one of the most popular Japanese sushi restaurants in Japan and its owner is quite popular among locals.

The food is great, the ambience is relaxing, and you can relax at a time of the day when you don’t want to be in the middle of a busy street.

Genkis menu is very diverse.

The signature fish is called “dōjibara” (literally meaning “white fish”), but there are also other fish and crab dishes.

Genkai is also known for the many types of rice dishes, which is one of their main sources of income.

They have an impressive selection of fresh vegetables and herbs and they have a wide selection of meats.

Genkyi Sushi is a very popular place to dine in Tokyo, but there is also a more upscale sushi restaurant on the other side of the island.

If you want to try the fish, the restaurant is located on the same street as the popular sushi restaurant.

You may even want to go check out Genki’s other location in Shinjuku Ward.