What to do if you are stuck at home with no way to eat

India’s first nationwide mobile app for rice has been downloaded more than half a million times in just a month.

The app, called rice love, uses the rice to create a special sushi rice, which is served on a hot plate and is eaten in a bowl with rice.

Rice love is based on a Japanese word meaning ‘love rice’.

It is the first app to be launched in India and is available on Android phones and tablets.

The rice love app is a mash-up of a Japanese app and a restaurant chain.

Rice lovers can get rice love in one of the restaurant’s restaurants, which are typically run by locals.

The restaurant chain’s owner, Shriram Kumar, said that he is excited to launch the app.

He said that his company has been providing rice love for over 20 years.RICE LOVE: RICE LOVE (NEW DELHI) is an app to facilitate the purchase of rice in Indian restaurants.

Its user interface is very similar to that of the popular Japanese restaurant chain, Shiram Kumar.

Its purpose is to facilitate a fast and hassle-free transaction of rice.

The app allows customers to purchase rice at a restaurant and to pick it up at a designated roadside location.

The menu offers four varieties of rice: rice kofta, rice dosa, rice chaat and rice chutney.

“If you go to a restaurant, you have to wait at least 20 minutes in line for the rice,” Kumar said.

“So I think rice love will help in this respect.

The rice lovers will have to be patient.”RICE LOVERS: The app has over 50,000 users on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

Kumar has been using the app to sell rice in restaurants across India for the last four years.

“I had to spend around Rs 1 lakh on the rice love,” he said.