How to get sushi with your smartphone, if you have one

Ars Technicom title How can you make sushi using your phone?

article Apple has launched its iPhone 7 with a new “Sushi” menu, which will reportedly come with a whole new way of ordering sushi.

The new menu will offer “Sashimi” — rice bowls, with toppings like miso, shoyu, and sesame — as well as the traditional “Maki” — a plate of rice and a side of noodles.

This new menu replaces the traditional Maki with a “Matsu Sashimi,” which means that a plate will include three types of sushi — a traditional Matsu, a sashimi bowl, and a sesame salad.

In addition, the “Sake” menu will feature “Yaki,” a rice bowl filled with a variety of Japanese sweets, and the “Mushi” will include a plate filled with the traditional Sashiko.

A new menu item in the Sushi section will also come with an extra charge.

Users can add “Katsu” — beef steaks — and “Shishito” — shishito mushrooms — to the Maki menu, along with rice, noodles, and other toppings.

Apple says that the Sashiri menu will come with two sides.

The traditional side, the Sashi, will include both a rice plate and a maki.

The “Kamishibashi” side will include an appetizer with a sushi bowl, with shoyukatsu (fish sauce), miso soup, and salad.

Both sides will cost $39.99.

Apple says that users will be able to order sushi using their iPhone’s camera, as well.

Users will be given a choice of a standard “Satsui” menu — with rice and noodles — or the new “Matsui.”

Both “Maksui” and “Massesui” will come in the $39, $39 in the US, and $99 in Japan.

Apple also says that a “mushi” is also included in the sushi section.

Apple notes that this is “a special dish that will be offered only to customers with a valid Matsu card and a valid Sashira card.”

Apple also notes that the Mushi is “the freshest way to enjoy Sushi,” and that it is made from “fresh, high-quality fish, fresh ingredients, and local ingredients.”

Users will have the option of ordering either an appetizing plate of fish, or a “gatsu” or “gashou” plate of sushi.

Users who order “gatus” and order “katsu” will be charged $59.99 for each.