Which sushi restaurant are you going to order from in the future?

The Japanese food scene has taken a major hit recently, with many restaurants closing their doors and closing their lines due to the high prices they charge for their sushi.

In addition to the loss of sushi restaurants, there are now plans to close down a number of other food outlets.

We recently asked readers to share their best sushi restaurants in the United States and Japan.

Read on for their top 10 recommendations.1.

Takoyaki at the Sushi Shop (Portland, OR)Takoyakis is the oldest and largest Takoyaki restaurant in the US, with a long history in the Portland area dating back to the 1920s.

The restaurant has become an institution in the city’s sushi scene, hosting dozens of special events each year.

The owners, Takoyakis owner and manager, Tadashi Yamashita, has become a fixture at the sushi shop, offering customers a menu with fresh, hand-cut sushi, as well as the classic “sushi bowl,” which is served in an ice-filled glass dish.

The sushi is often served with rice and fish, but sometimes it can also include fish balls and other ingredients.2.

Tsubaki at Sushi Bar (Chicago, IL)Tsubaki is a traditional Japanese food served at the famed Sushi bar in Chicago.

The menu includes some of the most popular sushi in the world, including the famous “sashimi,” which are served in a white broth that is flavored with fish, soy sauce, and other vegetables.

The most famous dishes, such as the “tsubaki,” a salmon dish, are made from salmon fillets cooked in a marinade with sesame oil and salt.3.

Shio-dori (Sushi Bar in Tokyo, Japan)Japanese sushi restaurant Shio Dai has been around since 1954, but its most famous dish, “shio-din,” has become so popular that it is now offered at a number in the restaurants on this list.

The Shio Din is served with a light sashimi of thinly sliced salmon, rice, or fish balls, as opposed to the traditional “sagashimi” which is made with whole fish, including sashims and sashimura.4.

Shiso-Dori at Takashi-Daishi (Tokyo, Japan), Takashi Dai, Takashi Daimyo (Tokyos name) and Shio Daimai (Tokya, Japan).5.

Shikashi-daisuki at Soshinkan (San Francisco, CA)Soshinkans sushi restaurant in San Francisco has been serving sushi since 1996, but it is its famous “Sushi Shikari” (shikashi) that is often featured on the menu.

This is a dish made from thinly sliced sashiro salmon, tuna, and saké fish.

The fish balls are then placed on the sushi, which is topped with a layer of soy sauce and sesame seed oil.

The dish can be prepared in a variety of ways.6.

Taro-gari at Takasu (Tokyu, Japan):The restaurant’s name is an homage to the Japanese sword-wielding hero Taro, who is known for his feats of bravery and bravery in battle.

His name means “sword” in Japanese.

Takasu serves a sushi special called the “Gari.”

Takasu has a variety items that have a variety combinations of sushi and shiso-doris.7.

Takazuki at Takazu (Tokazu, Japan, Osaka, Osaka)Tazazuki is Osaka’s most popular and well-known sushi restaurant.

Its sushi is popular because of the large number of guests that come here to sample their specialty.

Its famous “katsu-sushi” (rice balls) comes with a variety combination of sushi, shiso, and sushi balls.8.

Sushi Shiro-sai at Sogaku (Tokugawa, Japan)–(Photo by Daniel Ting)Sogaku is Osaka and Tokyo’s best sushi restaurant and it serves a variety types of sushi including the signature “sugo” (sushi balls) with a mix of rice and seaweed.

Its customers come here on a regular basis and often order sushi that has been specially prepared to their taste.9.

Takashima at Sogo (Tokushima, Japan–(Photo courtesy of Sogo)Sogo’s most famous sushi restaurant is Sogo.

Sogake is a place for sushi lovers to enjoy a wide variety of different sushi dishes, with various combinations of fish, shiro-doris, and more.10.

Takashi at Taka-gaku (Shibuya, Tokyo, Osaka)–(Photos by Kiyoshi Takashi)Taka-Gaku is a popular and famous sushi spot that has a sushi menu that is constantly evolving.

The current sushi menu has been prepared to the latest trends in sushi and