Japanese restaurants to reopen next week after two days of lockdown

Tokyo’s most popular sushi restaurant is set to reopen on Monday after a two-day lockdown, amid reports that a suspected bomber had been found.

Police said they had found a “small quantity” of explosives near the entrance to the Tatsuji restaurant, which opened at 1am on Monday.

They said the device was a “potentially dangerous device”.

A police source told the Japan Times newspaper the device had been discovered by staff in the restaurant.

“I can confirm that a device was found,” the source said.

“We cannot confirm if it was a bomb or not.

The investigation is ongoing.”

The Japanese government on Tuesday released a list of 22 “high risk” individuals it had added to a list for those it feared might be plotting attacks.

It included three Japanese men who it said had travelled to Syria, where they had been training with Islamic State.

The Japanese government said it was “committed to prevent further attacks”.

The list included a Japanese woman who was believed to have travelled to Libya in 2014 and a Chinese man who was convicted in China in 2015 on terrorism charges.

The attack on the Tokyo restaurant came after a bomb exploded in the city’s busy shopping area in February that killed at least 22 people.

The bomb was detonated at a bus stop near a shopping centre, and two others exploded near the site of the second explosion.